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15 July 2006 @ 01:57 am
This community is no longer accepting any new members for the time being, due to scammers, resellers, trolls, and other nasties invading LJ communities lately.

HOWEVER, If you are an old, and recognized member of the lamb communities, or an active newer member, you may still request to join (on the userinfo page) and we will accept you. If you aren't sure, please fill out the application questions (also in the userinfo) and email them to the Mod Address.

And Existing Members: Feel Free to post ANYTHING Gwen, Gavin, L.a.m.b, No Doubt, Harajuku Lovers, eBay, Web Site, Discount Code, or other l.a.m.b community related. Sales posts are allowed and Encouraged!! So don't be afraid to post anything you want.

All Entries are Friends ONLY.

Questions? Email the mods at beaconstalley@gmail.com

THANKS! &hearts