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Beacon St Alley

Lamb Deals Sales and Discounts

Beacon Street Alley
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This community was created by a joint partnership, out of a TRUE love for l.a.m.b and Gwen Stefani, to make a safer place to post lamb links to sales/discounts/deals to be posted for true lamb fans. Fans who buy for themselves, not to make a ridiculously inflated profit.

We understand that everyone sells their lamb at some point (usually making a profit). What distinguishes these people from Resellers, is the desire to exploit the kindness of others, or the helpful info kindly posted by lamb lovers to make money off of selling l.a.m.b.
We don't live in a perfect world, but we'd like to make sharing links to sales or other helpful lamb info a little less likely to be exploited by people with bad intentions.

Bottom Line: Unless you run a store, LAMB shouldn't be a business. It should be something you Love. Because in the end, it is just CLOTHES.


Questions??? Email: beaconstalley@gmail.com

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1. Your purpose here is only to legally and legitimately satisfy your desire to own or gift L.A.M.B. Reselling items for an excessive profit is strictly not allowed.

2. When posting in Beacon St Alley the only topics allowed are about buying, selling, trading, eBay sales, store sales, lamb community info, and special findings or news about L.A.M.B. clothing or bags, or other products, and Harajuku Lovers.

3. Photos ALWAYS under a cut.

4. FRIENDS ONLY every post, this is an EXCLUSIVE community to protect its’ members from scammers and lurkers. Non-Friends Only posts will be deleted and the poster will receive a strike.

5. STRIKE SYSTEM: It’s your typical strike system; 1, 2, 3 you’re out. We like baseball.

If a member is suspected by other members or by the moderators of buying and reselling for profit, the member has an opportunity to contest being removed from the community. If the member cannot prove that this reputation is false they will be removed.

7. EXCLUSIVITY: Like said before, this community is to protect you from scammers and lurkers. Leaking information to resellers or scandalous folk (whether you consider them a friend or not) from this community is strictly prohibited, if you are caught, (which you will be), you will receive 2 strikes. THIS IS A HUGE OFFENSE, we are trying to protect our members but we need your help! If you have a friend that wants to join send us a message and have them apply.

8. OFF TOPIC POSTS: O/T posts will be deleted and the poster may receive a strike. This is only for totally non-gwen, ND, l.a.m.b or lamb community information though.


The moderators of this community are also members of LAMB LOVERS and BUY SELL LAMB. Well known & trusted posters and watchers of those communities will be accepted. Please don't be affraid to request to join!! If you are totally brand new or for some reason are not well known, you must send this application to the email for this community: beaconstalley@gmail.com

All fields are required.

LJ Name:
Real Name:
eBay Name:
Link to LJ userinfo:
Why do you want to join:
What would you offer the community (updates on sales, watching out for our members when spying a reseller, finding a scammer, etc):
Favorite LAMB bag print:
Favorite LAMB clothing item:
Any other reason you should be considered:

Helpful Links: www.livejournal.com/community/lamb_lovers--- Lamb Lovers Community
www.livejournal.com/community/buy_sell_lamb ---Buy/Sell your L.A.M.B.
www.livejournal.com/community/lambie_scammers --Helpful Info on Scammers, Resellers, Bad LJ Sellers
How to Spot Fake l.a.m.b : http://community.livejournal.com/lamb_lovers/4038537.html